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    Great River Educational Arts Theatre

    GREAT nurtures an appreciation of the arts throughout central Minnesota by offering diverse, creative, and educational opportunities that will serve to educate, enlighten, and stimulate individuals and communities. We strive to make live theatre a vital part of the lives of the young people and their families in central Minnesota.
    - The Great River Educational Arts Theatre, a non-profit 501c3 organization, was founded in 1998 and is currently the only theater dedicated to children and their families in central Minnesota.
    - GREAT has produced 114 shows including 5 World Premiere productions during our 13 year history.
    - GREAT produces productions at the Historic Paramount Theatre, located in downtown St. Cloud and this year we introduce a new partnership with the CSB/SJU Fine Arts Series.
    - Last year, 18,054 students from all over central Minnesota attended one of the GREAT specially-priced school matinee performances.
    - GREAT placed third two festivals running in the Minnesota Association of Community Theatre's Play Festival and has won numerous awards for directing, acting, and musical talent.
    - GREAT is a non-profit, community theatre providing 1000+ youth the opportunity to perform through productions and theatre classes each year.
    - GREAT is a proud member of United Arts of Central Minnesota, which provides general operating support to eight central Minnesota arts organizations.

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    Seven Elephants Coffee  Saint Cloud   
    Shaun Johnson Big Band Experience  Sauk Rapids   
    Shelly Leitheiser/Leitworks Studio  Saint Cloud   

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