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  • What is Public Art?

    Public art is any work of art or design that is created by an artist specifically for interaction with the community in a public space. It can be functional or decorative, large or small, temporary or permanent, visual or performing. It can be cast, carved, poured, built, assembled, etched, screened, fused, written, performed, or painted. Whatever its form, public art attracts attention, provokes thought, stirs emotion, and inspires discussion. It has the power to energize our public spaces, inspire our thinking, calm our surroundings, and transform the public places where we live, work and play into environments that invite interaction among community members.

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Public Art Directory

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Image Title City
Abraham Lincoln  St. Cloud 
Alphabet Bike Racks  St. Cloud 
Bridge of Hope  St. Cloud 
Buffalo Minnesota Rotary Music Trail   Buffalo 
Emerging Columns  St. Cloud 
Holdingford Mill  Holdingford 
I Said Thank You for the St. Cloud Library  St. Cloud 
Infinite Voices  St. Cloud 
It Is A Happy Talent to Know How to Play  St. Cloud 
James J Hill  St. Cloud 

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