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    Paramount Theatre

    700-seat proscenium stage with 440 seats on the main floor and 260 in the balcony. Turn-of-the-century historic theater renovated in 1998.

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    Venue City  
    GREAT World Headquarters   Waite Park, MN    
    Parkwood Cinema - Waite Park  Waite Park   
    Art As You Like It  Waite Park   
    By Hand  Waite Park   
    Great River Regional Library - Waite Park  Waite Park   
    Le Musique Room  St. Michael   
    CSB Benedicta Arts Center - Helgeson Dance Studio  St. Joseph   
    CSB Darnall Outdoor Amphitheater  St. Joseph   
    CSB Benedicta Arts Center - HelgesonRehearsal Hall  St. Joseph   
    Church of St. Joseph (front lawn)  St. Joseph   
    The Local Blend  St. Joseph   
    CSB Benedicta Arts Center - Gorecki Gallery  St. Joseph   
    The Black Box Theatre  St. Cloud   
    SCSU - Ritsche Auditorium - Stewart Hall  St. Cloud   
    SCSU- Performing Arts Center -Arena Stage   St. Cloud   
    Holy Angels Performing Art Center  St. Cloud   
    Atonement Lutheran Church  St. Cloud   
    Bethlehem Lutheran Church  St. Cloud   
    Calvary Community Church  St. Cloud   
    Church of St. Augustine  St. Cloud   

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