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    Paramount Theatre

    700-seat proscenium stage with 440 seats on the main floor and 260 in the balcony. Turn-of-the-century historic theater renovated in 1998.

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    Venue City  
    Stearns History Museum  St. Cloud   
    SCSU Atwood Ballroom  St. Cloud   
    Riverside Art Studio & Gallery  St. Cloud   
    Atwood Memorial Center Art Gallery  St. Cloud   
    River's Edge Convention Center  St. Cloud   
    Paramount Gallery Saint Germain  St. Cloud   
    CSB Benedicta Arts Center - Helgeson Dance Studio  St. Joseph   
    CSB Darnall Outdoor Amphitheater  St. Joseph   
    CSB Benedicta Arts Center - HelgesonRehearsal Hall  St. Joseph   
    Church of St. Joseph (front lawn)  St. Joseph   
    The Local Blend  St. Joseph   
    CSB Benedicta Arts Center - Gorecki Gallery  St. Joseph   
    Le Musique Room  St. Michael   
    Parkwood Cinema - Waite Park  Waite Park   
    Art As You Like It  Waite Park   
    By Hand  Waite Park   
    Great River Regional Library - Waite Park  Waite Park   
    GREAT World Headquarters   Waite Park, MN    

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